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W cheap Bengals jerseys free shipping hy Liu H cheap Bengals jerseys wholesale aiyang Tsinghua s cheap Bengals jerseys nike tu dents po ured sulfuric acid Bear ? Why wil l cloud students Majiajue knife wa ving to their cl assm ates ? In trover ted, not good at dealing with people , not only as th e B eijin g Uni versit y st u dents Wu Xiaofeng job rebuffed everywhere , even worse , it can also bri ng a variety of psychologi c al problems difficu lt digestion . As I said earlier , the university is the last in a rel at iv ely relaxe d en vironm ent to learn ho w to d eal with people period , it may be as high fuel as " quite ef fort" to learn p eople doing t hings ri ght .
High fuel is k nown as " t he godfather of 80 companies ." Bor n in 1981 in Hunan rural are as , there is no " backg round " , he is laying a netw ork of n ets spent a lot of thought . "A ma n is not so much energy , I can o nly selec t ively make friends, select i ve use of the time of d ay ." College, as hi gh fuel or gan ize d many activities to accumulate co ntacts , he often invited w it h so me of the gov ernment o f ficials, expe rts and ent re prene urs to keep in touch , " uni versit y four oth ers are out to play every holiday , and I will come up with busine ss cards , took out the phone book, call them , ask them , maybe o n ce or twice they were not impressed , but over time everyone would r emember me . " Hi s li fe , " elegant " , Jiangs u Far Ea s t Gr oup Chair man Xipei is recog nized univ ersity , from gently picke d up the c lothes Xipei fall to t he gro u nd , the phone ca lls to the holidays , from a business trip to Shanghai , Jiangsu is Xipei birthday came around , to obt ain one mil lion yua n from Xipei venture c apital , high fuel and Xipe i l ogical way to develop friendship .
The adept with h igh fuel and " scheming " The dif ference is that many coll ege students into the s choo l whe n they were the first to leave their parents to leave their growth en vironment , enter t he campus began collec tive l ife , how with cl assma tes , friends and colleagues to get along to become comm unity them to cross a p roblem. From high f uel examples, we can see and learn how to live a nd lead , accumulate contacts and fin d li fe "elega nt " in the pers on's life plays a significan t role in how . The last t ime the University is that we can in a relatively relaxed environment to learn , train , training in ho w to g et along wit h p eople opportunities. In the future, people in th e society, at work, ability to get along with people will become increasingly important , even more than the work itsel f . There fore , we mu st grasp t his opportunity to lear n this le sson when dealin g with others .
" Interpersonal skills are not strong enough , broad enough interpersonal circle , but no expertise can cause every one's attention, i n t h e community where other people do not know how to effectively e stablish contact ." This is some of the students in the interpe r sonal aspects of frequently encountered confusion. How to improve during college interpersonal skills , Google global vic e president , China President Kai-fu Lee , Mr. recommendations are: