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A rep or ter once asked a suc c essfu l entr epreneu r, w h at is the s ecret of suc cess ? T he e n tr epreneur did not h e si t a te to an swe r: t he f irst i s to insist , insist on a second , t hird, or a dhere to , but he fi nally add ed, the fourth i s to giv e up . Ind eed, in c erta i n co ndi tions , to give it cou ld b e a sho rtcut t o s u c c ess .
L ei rea lly into t he up s and downs of mood these da ys , j us t as th e same as th e st ock ma rket t he se days . He was som ewhat puz zle d , why do peo p l e stoc k rosy all the w ay , the ent ir e s toc k mar k et bull ish , wh ich happens to own a few shares but w a s stu c k ? At first when y ou j us t bought i s bo om ing , th e plan to a d e s ired p ri ce o n t h e sh o t , wat ching the mo mentum so g ood , and aga in c o ve r a few d ay s, who wants to start dow n late r on , bu t hes i tate d , then plunged b a ck to the real p ric e . C a n make an origi nal tho u g h t , in wh ic h c a s e it is unwill ing to sell , so woul d l ik e t o wai t and se e , s o quilt down , all the way to t he st o ck ma r ket a l so ke pt by t he guida nce o f expe r t s i n t he lo w rep leni shment, unti l t he y are deeply s tuck .
Imagi ne if promptly a ba n don dow n stocks, re- in vest in other s tocks in order to profit Bu k u i , not ne c essarily a remedy , why be an o bse s sion it ? I n fa c t , s to cks s o , li fe i s so , t oo .
S chool , we have d one su c h a plug e ssa y : Figure dug wel ls pai n ted on a pe rson , here a re co ol water, bu t , ab ove d ug we lls dug a f ew p eople here ho e se e no w at er came out , a nothe r place and t he intent ion of this essay to dig ...... obviou sly, t hat i s , warned us n ot t o do the d igging wells dug wells fo ur people , to per s ist e nt , per se vering. However , in ca se , if the dig ging wel ls d ug un de rgrou nd no wat er , then what is it th e r es ul t o f perseveranc e ?
E lders have taught us to b e p ers i stent , to p erseve re, but only that we f o rg ot to educ ation , p ers is ten c e and perseve ran ce are conv inced tha t pe r sist have the r esu lts you w a nt as a pr econ d ition . If yo u just expl ori ng bef ore the trip , but all the indic atio ns are that w ay , t ha t being the c a se , th en we also n eed to stick t o it ? I f you kno w you touched th e han d bad card , would not have to hope that this dis c is a w inner ; stuck in the quagmir e , it is n ecessary to kno w to g et up in time far a w ay fro m there ; bein g bi tten by a do g at a time , not t o be det ermined also a dog bi te ; on the wrong bus , you shoul d promp tly get off , g o to an oth er o ne .
Guo Qiang at an enterprise doing a dmin istr a t ive work ever y day fr om work me chanically repeating th e law , n ot only before t h e elan an d pride vanished , and every day, physically and menta ll y fa tigued . H e had compla ined to fr iends into the wro ng line , co mp letely not play to t he ir strengths, so young anymore , but still nothing. Friends s urprised, and asked why he did not try to change the in dustry , he s a id , did so many ye ars , has pa id a lot of effort , but a lso accumulate d so me experie nce , then wrap it means eve ryt hing had to st art all over again . Although persever e do not see any hope but better than all over again right. B ecause holding such views , Guo Qiang adhere to the initial five years , insisted another fi ve years , and now , to give even more difficult. Only Yingkang down , refus ing to look back. People think it sounds ve ry tr agic.
Meanwhile, Guo Qiang 's former classmate , a good look at the momentum , stop now , tur ned the bow , from scratch , and now, many of them have ple nty of oppor tunities . In particular, one of his classmat es, five year s a g o , is s till the envy of others have made to give up benefits for civil servants work , decided t o go into business , and now is sitting on tens of millions of assets of the big b oss.
Sometimes, the need to give up m ore th an adhere to the courage and determination . And one who dared to give a timely manner , often the people who can accomplish great climate . Although , let you temporarily abandon pain. However , in the long run , t o give up, in order to better c hoose ; give up, in orde r to live a better life ; give up, is the performance of fitters . Just think, i f not timely Fan Li executives to giv e up his generous , I am afraid to wait for him , not only not embrace the quiet beauty boating lake life, but Manmenchaozhan tragic destiny .
Abando n reason is difficult to achieve , is th at it looks like admitting defeat . In our upbringi ng , the strong do not throw in the to wel . So, we often ha ve a number of expensive and heroism inspired brilliance words , even kno w the path is not bright , but still indomitable spirit and will to persist in the end , will never regret .
Yes, people need tough and focused , have a strong will and perseverance towards goal. However , life is changing, achievement of the goals is also diverse, not you made ??your choice is right, stick with it you can get what you want demerits . People struggle process often is the case, selection, and often need to be revised target and make the approp riate adjustments. Like flies , knowing the thick glass wall in front of his head forward also hard hit , and the results will only destroy themselves. Such people even have their own knot not opened , how could become strong ?
Twenties , you might just go on the road , perhaps the work at hand as tasteless as tasteless gesture , at this time , perhaps to give up would be a bett er choice. Twenties when we began or begin soon, to give up everything from scratch than three , four -year-old man is easier . If at this time less an obsession , more wise choice , perhaps, you will save a lot of unnecessary time and effort , less take many detours along the way will become clear.