DP IT SOLUTIONS  Services offer you a Marketing Tool to Promote your Business & give your Company a edge over the Competition..

Our Services include :
Multimedia Flash / Director Presentations for Web & CD. May it be a Flash Intro or a Complete Website in Flash with Dynamic Actions & Scripts, we do it all.

CD Presentations : Get your Business in a CD.
We create Professional CD Presentations that are designed with features to create phenomenal first impression, captivating interest of your customers & prospects and leave them with an exciting and memorable impression.

DP IT SOLUTIONS  can design innovative CD Presentation solutions to cater to your needs of several marketing programs like:

New-Product or Service Launch
Launch your new product / service with an impact in the market - highlight new products/services 

You can introduce your company to your prospects and businesses with a powerful advertising message

You can promote your product through an interactive CD that highlights your key selling points.

Multimedia Business Card / Brochure
Explain who you are and what you do with a promotional piece that packs a punch

Showcase art exhibits, photos or multimedia projects through a CD 

Deliver a powerful message to your prospects while leaving them with something to remember you by

Highlight a member company or key personnel. 

Product Branding
Distinguish yourself from the competition while remaining fresh in the eyes of your prospectsLook more professional, and stand out above your competition. We will work with you to build a custom presentation that will fit your budget and business.